13th ICCE Global Coach Conference
International Council for Coaching Excellence
Treinadores de Portugal

Global Coach Conference 2021 in Lisbon

Every two years the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) brings together coaches, coach educators, researchers, sport scientists, technical directors and sport administrators to address issues in coaching, to learn about new coaching research, and to share experiences with the top coaching development experts in the world: the event is called the Global Coach Conference.

Coaching Portugal was elected by the ICCE to hold the next Global Coach Conference and it will take place in Lisbon, Portugal at “Aula Magna” of the University of Lisbon and will see an important change of structure to the event. 

The Conference will cover five days with a mixture of research and applied practice presentations combining and proving the maximum bridge between coaching research and coaching practice.

Coaching Portugal will hold the ICCE Conference in partnership with ACES Portugal, Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) and the Lisbon City Council during the Mega Sporting Event: Lisbon, European Capital of Sport 2021! This will be an extraordinary opportunity to state Lisbon and Portugal as a destination of excellence in the organization of international events but also an opportunity to afirm portuguese coaches in the Coaching World. It will also be an unique chance for portuguese and portuguese-speaking coaches to share best coaching practices with both ICCE and Coaches of Europe and the World.




Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Capital Europeia Desporto

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