13th ICCE Global Coach Conference
International Council for Coaching Excellence
Treinadores de Portugal

Registration & Pricing

To register click on the REGISTRATION FORM above.

Participation Days: you can register for the following group of days with the same price:

  • DESCOBRIMENTOS - Days 1 & 2 - 17th and 18th of November: Focus: Coaching Research, Target: Coaching Researchers, open to all.
  • TEJO - days 3, 4 & 5 - 19th to 21st of November:  Focus: Coaching Applied Practice and Research, Target: Coaches, Coach developers, Technical directors, Researchers and Sport scientists
  • LISBOA - all 5 Days - 17th to 21st of November

The GCC 2021 will be credited for coaches with 5,5 units for the 5 days and 1,1 for each day.

The GCC 2021 will have 3 types of tickets with 3 pricing deadlines:

  Category Livestream tickets Presential tickets
(limited places)
VIP tickets
(limited places)
Until November 10th, 2021 - EARLY BIRD 35,00€ 75,00€ 125,00€
From November 11th to November 15th, 2021 35,00€ 95,00€ 145,00€
From November 16th, 2021 on 35,00€ 125,00€ / Daily Access Not Available
  • Livestream tickets: Access to non interactive access to all plenary sessions, and 1 workshop at a time for all 5 days of the Congress. The price will be the same through all the time periods.
  • Presential tickets: Access to livestream, 5 days of the Congress, briefcase, gifts, lunches, and coffee-breaks.
  • VIP tickets: Access to livestream, 5 days of the Congress, briefcase, gifts, lunches, coffee-breaks, special offer and Official Dinner.


  1. If you are a Coaching Association or ICCE member please check with them for a discount voucher.
  2. Due to covid-19 restrictions worldwide there could be some adjustments to the program and conditions of the conference.
  3. Terms and Conditions



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